UNN 2013 JAMB Performance Index SCORE RANGE NO OF 1ST CHOICE CANDIDATES 160 and above - 60,238 180 and above - 36,507 200 and above - 13,436 2ND CHOICE CANDIDATES 160 and above - 27,106 180 and above - 15,937 200 and above - 6,023 TOTAL 160 and above - 87,344 180 and above - 52,444 200 and above - 19,459 From the above, we can obviously see that a UTME cut- off mark of 200 for the UNN would mean that they would conduct the 2013 screening exercise for barely 19,000 candidates. That is very UNLIKELY. There are strong indications that the UTME cut- off of UNN will be less than 200. Candidates who made the University of Nigeria either their first choice or second choice are, therefore, advised to begin their preparations for the post- UTME Screening examination so as not to be taken unawares when the official announcement is made.

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