Lakes in Himachal Pradesh

Lakes in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh has many picturesque lakes, including many important lakes like Govind Sagar, the largest lake in the state, located on the Sutlej River in Bilaspur district, spanning 88 km with an area of 168 sq. . Pong Lake on the Vyas River in Kangra, popularly known as Maharana Pratap Sagar, and Pandoh Lake in Mandi, adjacent to the National Highway, add to the attraction. In the natural area, Chamba is home to the 1 km circumference Gadsaru Lake at an altitude of 3505 m, while Khajihar, often called the Switzerland of Himachal Pradesh, is breathtaking with its 0.5 km length and 1951 m height. Kangra has the Dal Lake at 1775 m, and Mandi has the Kumarbah and Parashar lakes at an altitude of 3150 m and 2743 m respectively. Kullu, Garhwal, Shimla, Kinnaur and Sirmaur also have attractive lakes, each with its unique characteristics and altitude contributing to the rich natural beauty of Himachal Pradesh. Notably, Renuka Lake in Sirmaur stands out as the largest natural lake, which resembles a sleeping woman and holds cultural significance.

Artificial Lakes in Himachal Pradesh:

1. Govind Sagar Lake:
• Location: Bilaspur district, Himachal Pradesh
• Characteristics: Largest strained lake
• Length: 88 km
• Area: 168 sq km

2. Pong Lake (Maharana Pratap Sagar):
• Location: Kangra district
• Built on: Vyas River
• Length: 42 km
• Notable: Pong Dam near the lake, built in 1960

3. Pandoh Lake:
• Location: Mandi district
• Built on: Vyas River
• Length: 14 km
• Location: Along the National Highway

Natural Lakes in Himachal Pradesh by Districts:


1. Gadasaru Lake:
• Characteristics: 1 km circumference, upland 3505 m
• Location: Near Devi Kothi in Churha tehsil
2. Khajihar (Mini Switzerland):
• Size: 0.5 km long, upland 1951 m
• Notable: Often tabbed the Switzerland of Himachal Pradesh, ranked 160th globally
3. Lama Lake:
• Height: 3962 meters
• Group of 7 lakes
4. Manimahesh Lake:
• Altitude: 3950 m
• Location: Between Mount Kailash
5. Chamra Lake:
• Type: Strained lake, made from Ravi River water
6. Mahakali Lake:
• Altitude: 3675 m
• Dedicated to: Goddess Kali


1. Dal Lake:
• Altitude: 1775 m
• Distance from Dharamshala: 11 km
2. Kareri Lake:
• Height: 1810 m


1. Kumarbah Lake:
• Altitude: 3150 m
2. Parashar Lake:
• Altitude: 2743 m
3. Rewalsar Lake (Padmachan):
• Significance: Pilgrimage site for Hindu, Sikh, and Buddhist
• Notable: Known as the lake of floating islands
4. Other Lakes in Mandi:
• Kunti Bhayoga
• Sukhsagar Lake
• Kamru Nag
• Kalasar Lake


1. Mantalai Lake:
• Significance: Origin of Parvati River
2. Other Lakes in Kullu:
• Beetle
• Dussehar (near Rohtang Pass)
• Strayul
• Sarbalsar (located in Banjara sub-division)

Lahul Spiti (Garhwal):

1. Suraj Tal Lake:
• Altitude: 4800 m
• Location: Near Baralacha Pass, origin of Bhag River
2. Chandratal Lake:
• Altitude: 4270 m
• Also known as Lohitya Sarovar
3. Dhakhar Lake


1. Chandranahan Lake:
• Height: 4267 m
• Location: Rohru, Shimla
• Significance: Origin place of Babbar River
2. Other Lakes in Shimla:
• Tanu Jubbal Lake (Narkanda)
• Garh Kufar
• Karali Lake
• Baradonsar Lake


1. Nako Lake:
• Altitude: 3662 m
2. Sorang Lake


1. Renuka Lake:
• Characteristics: Largest natural lake in Himachal Pradesh, 2.5 km long
• Shape: Resembles a sleeping woman
• Legend: Associated with the sacrifice of Renuka, mother of Lord Parashurama
• Note: Renuka had to be sacrificed at the hands of her son Parashurama, pursuit the orders of his father Jamadagini (also known as Jamlu Devta)
2. Suketi Lake